What Type of Questions Are on an EMT Test?


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Questions that could appear on an EMT test include those related to levels of heat exhaustion, medical terminology, correct suffixes of drugs and signs of poisoning, explains Test Prep Review. As of 2015, most states have adapted the exam from the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. However, some states still issue their own exams, and as a result, questions can vary, explains EMT National Training.

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The EMT basic exam includes six categories of testing: airway and breathing, cardiology, trauma, medical, operations and obstetrics and pediatrics, states Test Prep Review. This exam typically consists of 70 to 120 questions, with the airway and breathing categories taking up the highest percentage of the questions.

Example questions from the airway and breathing category include sample scenarios such as what steps to take before assisting a patient with a metered-dose inhaler. Optional answers include: checking that the device is not leaking; making sure the medication is prescribed to that patient and has not expired; making sure the patient is not choking; and ensuring that the hospital has this medicine available upon arrival, notes EMT National Training.

Other questions from the airway and breathing category include terminology knowledge such as defining spontaneous pneumothorax and C-spine precautions, notes EMT National Training. Many questions give examples of a patient and expect the test taker to choose the correct next step from a list of multiple choice answers.

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