What Type of Questions Are on the Civil Service Practice Test?

What Type of Questions Are on the Civil Service Practice Test?

Some of the types of test questions found on the civil service practice test include questions covering problem solving, accounting and vocabulary. One example of a test question is "Find the average of 431, 642 and 742."

The civil service test is mandatory for those applying for many jobs with the United States government. It helps to be prepared and understand what kinds of questions appear on the test.

The questions on the clerical practice test may include looking at charts to decipher information or placing numbers in ascending or descending order. This section also requires applicants to find misspelled words and alphabetize different words.

The vocabulary section of the civil service practice exam requires applicants to define words by choosing the correct definition from a list of four possibilities. Another question may ask the test-taker to pick out a word that does not belong in a group of related words.

Math is a large part of the civil service exam. Test-takers should know basic math as well as more advanced math procedures such as measurements, percents and ratios.

Another section of the test is verbal. In this section, applicants define words, compare words with the same meanings and identify statements that are grammatically correct.