What Type of Program Is Reading Eggs for Kids?


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Reading Eggs is an educational program for children that utilizes interactive animation, songs, stories, puzzles and activities to teach basic phonetic and reading skills to students. The components of the program progress from letter and word basics for toddlers to more advanced reading exercises for middle school students.

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Reading Eggs utilizes a one-on-one approach that offers different students flexibility in their speed of progression. Frequent placement quizzes gauge a student's level of understanding, and this influences the difficulty of the subsequent material the student encounters. The program is animated with colorful characters and interactive games to engage student interest in the material.

The program progressively leads students through online books that are chosen according to each student's skill and vocabulary. After 10 lessons, students take a Mastery Quiz and receive subsequent reports about their placement in the program. Reading Eggs also uses positive reinforcement techniques such as golden eggs. Student receive golden eggs after the successful completion of a certain number of activities, and they can use these eggs to buy more games.

Reading Eggs has three levels of progression with 40 lessons in each level. Level one covers the most basic reading concepts, while the next two levels focus on building reading confidence and facility.

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