What Type of Parties Are There at Colleges?

What Type of Parties Are There at Colleges?

A "college party" is often synonymous with "fraternity party," but many kinds of gatherings occur on the typical college campus. Dorm parties, school-wide parties, tailgating parties and special interest parties are all common types of gatherings a student can expect to see.

At schools that have fraternities and sororities, these groups often host parties on weekend nights. Some of these parties are open only to their members, while others are open to other students. Similarly, dormitory residents often organize gatherings in their building's hallways or common spaces, and these parties may be open to all or closed to only dorm residents.

These events often have themes. The classic toga party is still held on many campuses. Students may also organize ABC, or "anything but clothes," parties. Guests at these events must construct outfits out of non-clothing articles.

At some schools, the administration organizes campus-wide parties to celebrate the beginning or end of the school year. These events sometimes feature live entertainment, free food and carnival-style rides and games.

At schools with popular sports programs, students may organize elaborate tailgating parties where people convene in a predetermined spot to enjoy drinks and food either before or after a sporting event.

On any given weekend night, the typical college campus is also home to parties organized by campus clubs.