What Type of Online Classes Are Available to Learn Japanese?

What Type of Online Classes Are Available to Learn Japanese?

Nihongo Master, LingQ and Japanese-Lesson.com are free Japanese classes and resources available online. Free materials tend to aim towards beginner and intermediate students. Private online classes with native speakers are also available for per-lesson payments.

Nihongo Master offers a free basic version of its resources and features interactive quizzes and challenges for beginners. It includes anime and other real-world examples from Japan in its lessons. Nihongo Master also features a forum on which students can discuss the courses.

LingQ is another service that has a free version; users can access some materials and have the option to upgrade to a paid membership later on. LingQ uses a variety of types of online content along with flashcards, so that students can practice reading and listening. They also offer personal tutoring.

Advanced or particularly motivated students may find resources at sites such as Learn Japanese Free or Japanese-Lesson.com helpful. These sites contain character tables and simple conversation lessons, but not as much guidance for students as Nihongo Master and LingQ.

Learners who are considering moving to or visiting Japan may wish to use an online tutoring service with a native Japanese teacher. One option for those people is VerbalPlanet.com, which charges $22 per lesson and offers discounts for returning students.