What Type of Material Is on an XtraMath Student Quiz?

An XtraMath quiz consists of several basic math-fact problems that are focused on a single operation. When a student begins using XtraMath, he must complete a series of assessment tests for each operation, beginning with addition. The assigned quizzes are based on the student's assessed level and his progress.

XtraMath is a simple, free tool designed to help children of any age learn to recall quickly the essential basic math facts needed for higher-level math. The activities encourage students to remember the answers to all of the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts that involve single digits instead of taking the time to calculate the solution.

When a student logs in to his XtraMath account, he is assigned a placement test, a progress quiz or a "Race the Teacher" activity. A placement test measures the student's mastery level of each operation. These results determine which facts appear in the other two activities. "Race the Teacher" allows the student to focus on troublesome facts, while a progress quiz assesses the student's improvement.

To earn points, a student must provide a correct answer within three seconds of seeing the problem. He earns a smiley face for answers given in three seconds or less, and a check mark for solutions given in three. A student must type the correct solution to progress to the next question and complete the quiz. The solution appears in gray after three seconds lapse or when a wrong answer is entered.