How Does the Type to Learn Program Help Kids?


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Type to Learn teaches kids typing and other educational skills through skills placement, animation and other engaging content, personal remediation, cross-curricular activities and games that reinforce writing and grammar skills. To make the program more appealing to kids, the lessons take place within the context of a futuristic society.

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Type to Learn's skills placement feature uses a pre-test that identifies the student's skill abilities (including speed and accuracy) and places her within the appropriate level. Assessments take place throughout the student's use of the program, always gauging individual progress and determining future content based on that progression. The program offers remedial help to students on problem areas identified by the program's personal assessment capabilities.

To engage students during lessons, Type to Learn has a number of games and animation features. A 3D hand on the screen shows correct and incorrect fingering. Fun games include "Dig This," "Drone Control" and "Message Master," all of which reinforce typing skills within the context of exciting scenarios, such as directing a drone through various obstacles to its destination.

Type to Learn also helps students develop extra-curricular knowledge concurrently with typing skills. Typing assignments can include historical documents, famous literary passages or student-created original compositions.

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