What Type of Degree Do You Have to Have to Get a Promotion?


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Career Builder editor Kate Lorenz explains that the specific type of degree required for a promotion varies by industry; its importance depends on the number of qualified applicants for any given position. However, in general, a person with a higher-level degree than peers in his position is more apt to get promoted to the next level in his career. Senior management promotions often require advanced degrees.

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What Type of Degree Do You Have to Have to Get a Promotion?
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In some career fields, a one-year certificate or a two-year associate degree helps one get promoted beyond an entry-level position. A trade worker, for instance, is often eligible for a team leader or management role with a two-year trade degree.

In some organizations, a bachelor's degree is required to reach mid-level management positions. Some companies even require that a person hold a bachelor's to move from an entry-level role to a low-level management job. Nurses can gain a promotion to head nurse or a nurse-manager position by earning a bachelor of nursing on top of a certificate or associate degree.

Advanced degrees, including master's and doctoral degrees, often provide access to senior-level management or executive roles in an organization. A master of business administration, or MBA degree, is a common stepping stone for a mid-level business manager who wants to get promoted to an executive-level position. A pharmacy technician must earn a doctoral degree to become a pharmacist.

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