How Do You Tutor Someone?

How Do You Tutor Someone?

To tutor someone, make yourself aware of the concepts being taught in that student's class, particularly those with which the student struggles. Work proactively by familiarizing yourself with the concepts that the student has not yet reached in that course and asking the student what difficulties she foresees.

  1. Access the instructional materials for the student's course

    Ask the student for such materials as the syllabus and the URL to the website for the course in which you are tutoring her. Get a copy of the assigned textbooks, as well as any ancillary handouts that the teacher has provided the student. Get access to any classroom social media accounts, such as those in Edmodo, if the teacher uses that form of communication.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the concepts the student is learning

    Follow along with the syllabus and the scope and sequence, so you are an expert in those competencies in the weeks before your client comes to them in class. Prepare for each tutoring session with those competencies as though you plan to teach a full lesson involving those skills.

  3. Anticipate struggles that the student is about to face

    Ask the student at the beginning of each session about struggles that she has faced in class since your last session, and include the material with which she struggles in your tutoring presentation. Ask the student at the end of each session about upcoming tests, quizzes and other concerns she has about the time frame between then and your next session. Use that information to start planning your next session.