What Is a True Color Quiz?

What Is a True Color Quiz?

The True Colors test is a personality indicator that identifies specific personality types as combinations of four colors: blue, green, orange and gold. Don Lowery created the test in the 1970s based on the work of Plato, Briggs, Jung and David Keirsey, expanding on the personality types outlined in the Meyers-Briggs Personality Test.

When someone’s dominant color is blue, his prominent characteristic is emotional responses to situations. Open-mindedness and communication are other strong traits for this color.

Rational thinking and a commitment to learning are the marks of someone with a dominant green true color. Other qualities include being independent, conceptual and a perfectionist.

Those who believe in sticking to the letter of the law fall into the gold category, further defined by loyalty, responsibility, organization and a high priority towards family values.

Risk takers fall under the orange banner, needing freedom, competition and tangible awards.

Other attributes include being entertaining, natural nonconformists, playful and quick-witted.

Typically, people fall into a cross-section of all four colors in the system, with dominant personality traits dictating the balance of each. The True Colors quiz helps educators to develop teaching plans and guide students towards specific careers, and employers to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their employees.