How Do You Get Truck Dispatcher Training?


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Online companies such as Coverloads.com and community colleges such as Houston Community College offer dispatcher training and entry-level education for the trucking industry. While a formal degree and training are not required to enter the profession as a dispatcher, many employers prefer job applicants with at least an associate degree, according to Study.com.

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Community college programs often teach dispatching as a part of a degree or certificate program in transportation management, according to Learn.org. These full programs are designed to teach students to broker in the freight and trucking industry, but they also provide students with skills and preparation to work as truck dispatchers. However, online classes from private companies such as Coverloads.com are focused only on freight dispatch training.

The process to obtain dispatch training from Coverloads.com begins by contacting an admission and enrollment agent at a training center. These admissions and enrollment agents then guide potential students through the course registration and tuition payment process. Through online classes, students participate in webinar meetings and conference calls with peers and instructors. Courses provide students with hands-on training to manage the communication skills and paperwork involved in a freight dispatching career. Completing these classes requires both homework and in-class assignments. Class activities include demonstration calls and role playing with other students to prepare for the actual work.

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