What Are Some Tricky Words to Spell?


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Examples of words that are especially tricky to spell are "hidrosis," "isarithm," "sacrilegious" and "hypozeuxis." Some more common words that people often misspell are "conscious," "embarrass," "exceed," "fiery" and "until."

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What Are Some Tricky Words to Spell?
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One category of spelling bee words that tends to give contestants difficulty consists of terms that, when spoken aloud, sound like they follow a common spelling pattern when they do not. "Hidrosis" is an example of such a term. The word, which is a fancy term for sweat excretion, sounds as though it should begin with the letters h-y-d-r-o.

Words can also be tricky for even the most competitive spelling bee contestants when they follow foreign spelling conventions. An example is the Greek term "hypozeuxis," defined as a rhetorical strategy in which a writer or speaker assigns an independent subject and predicate to every single clause.

The word "conscious" can be confusing to spell both because it features a "ch" sound represented by the letters s-c, and because it features three consecutive vowels. Many people misspell "embarrass" by leaving out one of the r's. Meanwhile, a common misspelling of "exceed" is "excede."

The silent e in "fiery" makes it easy to spell wrongly. One way to remember to include the letter is to think that it was so afraid of the fire that it hid in the middle of the word rather than risking being near the end.

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