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A trichologist helps people who have problems with their scalp or hair, such as those related to hair loss, hair texture and persistent dandruff, explains The Institute of Trichologists. Trichologists study the human scalp and diseases, purposes and composition of hair. Common problems that trichologists treat include thinning hair, overproduction of sebum on the scalp, hair loss, hair breaking, and localized and diffused baldness, the London Centre of Trichology describes.

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Trichologists receive training at the International Association of Trichology in Australia or London's Institute of Trichologists, states Health Development Advice. In school, they learn about common scalp and hair complications as well as the physiology and anatomy of the body and skin, chemistry and nutrition. They do not, however, dispense medical treatment since they have not undergone official medical training.

When someone meets with a trichologist, the initial step is a consultation, notes the London Centre of Trichology. At the consultation, the trichologist asks questions about the person's hair hygiene routine and general health, examines the hair and scalp using a proscope and makes suggestions for the appropriate course of action. She uses the proscope to take pictures of the scalp and hair so that she can track changes during the treatment process.

In men, hair treatment options often include increasing new hair growth, repairing hair follicles and reducing the production of dihydrotestosterone, according to the London Centre of Trichology. For women, trichologists aim to stabilize hair at the root, improve the follicles and increase blood flow in the scalp.

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