What Are Some Trendy Grandmother Names?


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According to the website Allparenting.com, some trendy grandmother names are Ammy, Bella, Birdie, BonBon, Foxy, G-Mom, Kitty, LaLa, Momette, Mona, Neema, Onie, Pebbles, Soosa and Sugar. Some additional trendy grandmother names from the website Sheknows.com are Bamma, GaGa, GG, GeezerGirl, GeeMa, Glamma, Glammy, Lola, Mammi, MayMay, MeMom, MomMom and NotherMother.

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The website Allparenting.com has several suggestions for creating unique grandmother names. One suggestion is to find a playful name that reflects Grandmother's unique personality or interests. Examples of playful nicknames are Banana, Bubbles, Bunny, Chatty, Cookie, Dizzy, Happy and Honey.

Other suggestions on the website are to play off a first name, such as using Grandma Izzy for Isabella, creating a custom combination using a first name and a nickname, such as Candy Gram, and finding names that play on ancestry or cultural heritage.

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