What Are the Trends in Popularity of Baby Names in the USA?

What Are the Trends in Popularity of Baby Names in the USA?

Some of the major baby-naming trends of 2015 include powerful, identity-defining names, a focus on ending letters and syllables, names inspired by the South and names with the letter “X,” according to the Huffington Post. The trends reflect an increasingly creative streak among baby names, drawing on many different sources.

The Huffington Post cites strong, defining names as the most pronounced trend of 2015. The names reflect parents’ desire to define a child’s identify from birth. Examples range from grand, regal-sounding names such as Titan or Royal to virtuous names like Saint or Noble.

Another major trend is an emphasis on the ending sounds of baby names. Particularly popular choices include “-bella” endings for girls, as in Rosabella, Mirabella, Annabella and Isabella, and “-ett” names for boys, including Emmett, Beckett, Bennett and Everett.

Baby names with a focus on the American South are also increasingly popular. State names such as Georgia, Carolina, Alabama and Louisiana are all on the rise, as are summer month names, including June and August. Names that allude to summer fun at the beach, such as Ocean and Dune, are also gaining popularity.

Finally, names that make use of the letter “X” are growing more prominent, though only when the letter is used in the middle or at the end of the name. Felix, Beatrix, Lennox, Dexter, Maxine and Axel are all examples of this burgeoning trend.