What Are Some Travel and Tourism Courses?

What Are Some Travel and Tourism Courses?

Natural Wonders, Cruises and Business Travel are some travel and tourism courses. Quality Management and Customer Service in Tourism and Technology in Tourism Management are also travel and tourism courses.

Students who take Natural Wonders learn what kinds of natural wonders exist and where they are located. They also learn how to plan trips to visit natural wonders and the steps required to preserve them.

Students who take Cruises learn how to analyze and evaluate various types of cruises such as large boats, ferries and sailing vessels. They also learn who offers the best itineraries and the advantages of cruise travel.

Business Travel discusses what business travelers need and how business travelers differ from leisure travelers. Courses on eco-travel and tourism cover what makes a destination green and the differences between sustainable and ecological travel.

Quality Management and Customer Service in Tourism offers a study of principles, procedures and practices in the organization of travel and tourism services. It emphasizes the legal and marketing aspects of managing travel and tourism industries.

Technology in Tourism Management examines the technology applied in hospitality and tourism industries. It goes over computer hardware, software and networks. It also covers applications for customer service, security and environmental protection.

Students who take courses on hotels, resorts and spas learn all about the accommodation segment of the tourism and travel industry. They learn what makes a hotel, spa or report great. They also learn how hotel rating systems work.