How Do You Translate Text From English to Farsi?


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To translate texts from English to Farsi, visit FarsiDic.com or Translation.Babylon.com. FarsiDic.com translates single words from English to Farsi, while Babylon translates anything from a single term to full phrases.

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To use FarsiDic.com, type an English term in the search form, and click the Search button. The website allows you to translate terms using search criteria below the form. The dictionary translates the term alone, and also presents diverse sample phrases for you to decide the intention of your term's context. Additionally, the platform provides an audio clip containing the pronunciation of the word in Farsi or Persian, and a list of related words is available at the bottom of the results page.

To use the English to Persian translator on Translation.Babylon.com, select English as the Source Language and Persian as the Target Language. Type, in English, a word or phrase that you wish to translate within the text box on the left, and click the Translate button. The translated phrase should appear in the text box to the right of the page. For a more accurate translation, the website offers a human translation option, which connects you to a live person who can directly translate your term or phrase for you and verify its accuracy. By choosing a human translator, you agree to pay a fee for the services provided.

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