How Do You Translate a Phrase From English to Hebrew?

To translate a phrase from English to Hebrew, use an online translation tool such as,, or Simply type the English phrase in the text field and press Translate. Set the search tool to English to Hebrew translation before beginning.

A helpful tool in English to Hebrew translation for beginners is the Do It In Hebrew chart of the Phonetic and Israel Standard keyboard, located below the search field. This website also provides helpful keyboard tips; for example, the “a” key is the equivalent of “aleph.” Some letters change when typed as capitals, for example, “a” becomes “ayin.” Web Translation and Morfix also allow you to search for and translate anything from an entire phrase to a single world in English or in Hebrew, while Lexilogos offers only word-by-word translation services.

Hebrew is of the Afro-Asiatic family of languages. It is a Semitic language that more than seven million people speak in not only Israel, but in Jewish communities around the world. Hebrew is the spoken language, while Classical Hebrew is more common in prayer and study. Online translation tools use the modern Hebrew dictionary, which is the de facto language of the state and people of Israel.