How Do You Translate Your Name to Chinese?


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To translate your name into Chinese, either use the meaning of your name and find the Chinese translation, or start with the pronunciation of your name and choose Mandarin syllables that sound similar. If you already know the meaning of your name, a translation website can be used for the first approach. A table of Mandarin syllables is all you need for the second method.

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If you start with the meaning of your name, you can choose Mandarin, Cantonese, or some lesser known form of Chinese, though you may not like the way it sounds. To match Mandarin syllables with the sounds in your English name, use the modern system of writing Mandarin syllables with the English alphabet known as Pinyin. Since there are only a few hundred Pinyin syllables, you can quickly pick the syllables you want to use in your Chinese name.

Chinese is a tonal language, which means that one syllable can be spoken in different ways, using different tones. Chinese also utilizes thousands of written characters, thus transforming a few hundred syllables into many thousands of written symbols. However, if you are not concerned about meaning, you can disregard tones and characters and isolate the syllables that sound most like your name.

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