How Do You Translate "kuhinja Recepti" in English?


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“Kuhinja recepti” translates from the South Slavic branch of Serbo-Croatian and Slovenian languages to “kitchen recipes” in English. It is a term used to describe the traditional food from the areas of Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Serving as a gateway between western and eastern Europe, the region’s cuisine reflects its unique position along the Adriatic coast and makes extensive use of Mediterranean ingredients such as lamb, octopus, olive oil, garlic and tomatoes, and spices such as oregano, rosemary and nutmeg. Traditional kuhinja recepti include yaprak, grape leaves stuffed with ground meat, rice, tomatoes and spices; burek, meat, spinach and cheese baked in phyllo dough, topped with yogurt sauce; and pasticada, a Dalmatian specialty of marinated beef cooked with carrots, nutmeg and dried plums. Traditional desserts include strudels and baklava.

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