How Do You Transfer Online Credits From Rio Salado College to a Local University?

To transfer online credits from Rio Salado College to a local university, visit Maricopa's University Transfer Center at, find the institution you want to transfer credits to on the University Partners List, and apply to your selected university. You don't need to complete your coursework at Rio Salado College before applying to a transfer institution.

Speak to your academic adviser about how to transfer credits for partially completed degrees. Rio Salado College offers a block transfer option that allows you to transfer coursework for your associate or bachelor's degree to a partner college.

Most universities across Arizona and the United States accept Rio Salado College courses. As of 2015, Rio Salado College has articulation agreements with Arizona's three public universities and more than 40 additional universities throughout the state. Some of these institutions, such as North Arizona University and Arizona State University, employ staff who work with Rio Salado College students seeking transfer status.

Rio Salado College courses are potentially transferable to colleges and universities outside its partnerships. Rio Salado College is a regionally accredited institution, and most Rio Salado College coursework transfers to other regionally accredited institutions. To see how your Rio Salado College classes transfer to the three state universities, visit

The Maricopa Community College District Administrative Regulation contains details about transfer and articulation agreements and is available to read at