What Training Is Typically Involved in ADR Courses?


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Some of the training that is typically is involved in ADR, Alternative Dispute Resolution, courses includes understanding the ADR Act, how to draft a settlement agreement, learning specific methods of resolution used by the ADR agency, and understanding the regulation and policies of the ADR agency. The ADR Act and numerous amendments have been created as a guide to help government agencies to encourage a mutual resolution to a dispute between two parties without involving the legal system.

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Course training includes understanding typical causes of conflict, dispute case studies and how to tell when arbitration is appropriate. The government ADR agency creates and encourages a number of conflict resolution processes that are available to all CDC and ATSDR employees who are looking for an alternative to legal action.

The ADR processes are available through a number of government agencies. The process is informal and confidential between the two parties and does not replace the official channels for reporting a conflict or dispute. The person who is guiding the two parties through this type of confidential resolution is expected to be a neutral party according to ADR training. Agencies that use the ADR policies are encouraged to require managers to undergo ADR training.

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