How Do Train to Be a Pharmacy Tech for Free?

How Do Train to Be a Pharmacy Tech for Free?

As of 2015, those interested in a free training program to become a certified pharmacy technician can apply for employment at Walgreens, notes the company's official website. Walgreens provides an American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Pharmacy Technician Training Program, Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam assistance and continuing education for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to employees who are interested in becoming pharmacy technicians.

To join the pharmacy technician program at Walgreens, use the steps below.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Go to and click on Career Areas to view a list of available career types. Areas include pharmacy, in-store, corporate, healthcare clinic and distribution as of 2015.

  3. Choose a job
  4. Click on the area of interest to view a list of available jobs. Click on the desired pharmacy technician job to view specific information about the position.

  5. Apply for the job
  6. Click on Apply to apply for the pharmacy technician position. Applicants who do not have an account with Walgreens online need to register for a new account before completing the application process.

  7. Start the training program
  8. After accepting the job, register and begin the Pharmacy Technician Training Program through Walgreens. The program is accredited and includes classroom coursework, computer-based training and on-the-job training. Walgreens pharmacy technicians are required to complete the course.

  9. Become certified
  10. After completing the program, take the exam offered by PTCB to become certified.