What Does "trailas Usadas" Refer To?


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The meaning of "trailas usadas" is "used trailers" or "second-hand trailers" in English. The phrase, "trailas usadas," is in Spanish. "Usadas" means "used" in English. "Usado" or "usada," which are Spanish adjectives, also carry the meaning of used, second-hand or worn out.

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"Usado" can also mean wasted, all in, thumbed or favored. Synonyms for "usado" or "usada" are "ajado" and "gastado." Example of "usado" usage in Spanish is "coche usado", which means utilized car in English. While "mas usado" means much-utilized in English, "menos usado" means not commonly utilized in English. "Estar muy usado" means well-used or well-thumbed. The word "usado" is mistaken as "usar" at times. "Usar" means adopt, rely on or draw upon.

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