What Are Some Traditions for Naming Newborn Girls?


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Traditions for naming newborn girls vary based on the culture. Japanese parents often base a girl's name on a specific virtue and end her name with "ko," meaning "child." Chinese girls also often receive names based on a virtue or a beautiful quality.

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Greek families have strict naming traditions. If a baby is the firstborn girl, she is usually named after the paternal grandmother. Girls who aren't the oldest are usually named after other relatives.

Babies in various African countries usually get a name when they are born and a name during a celebration that takes place later. A Nigerian baby's first name often describes the circumstances around her birth. It is called an oruku name. Afterwards, she receives a praise name, which has a wish for her future. It is called an oriki name.

Irish naming traditions include naming boys and girls after relatives. The firstborn girl is named after her maternal grandmother, the second girl is named after her paternal grandmother, and the third girl is named after her mother. A fourth girl would be named after her mother's sister. Another Irish naming tradition involves naming the girl after an aspect of her appearance, such as her hair color.

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