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Some traditional Indian names for boys are Aditya, Arjun, Cheta, Daljeet, Gurdeep, Jaideep, Karun, Manvik, Parth and Udit, states Baby Center. Traditional Indian names for girls include Anjali, Aruna, Deepika, Harini, Jhanvi, Leela, Sanjana, Tanvi, Urvashi and Zoya. Traditional names are commonly related to the Hindu gods, such as Shiridevi, which refers to the goddess Lakshmi.

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Traditional names for boys that are related to the gods include Girish, which refers to Shiva, and Indiresh, which refers to Vishnu. Some names refer to nature gods, such as Naagash, which is "god of mountains" and Pavan, which means "god of wind." Female names that refer to goddesses include Eesha and Aparna, both related to the goddess Parvati.

Traditional names not only have religious meanings, but may also refer to nature or positive characteristics. For example, the male name Tushar means "snow," while the female name Bipasha means "river." The male names Bikram and Gautam, mean "prowess" and "wisest," respectively, while the female names Ekta and Jayanti mean "unity" and "victorious."

Some parents may choose names based on popularity or uniqueness, rather than tradition. Popular names in India include Keetan and Ajay for boys, and Leena and Mira for girls, according to The Bump. Unique names include Alok and Naveen for a boy and Divya and Veda for a girl.

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