What Trades Offer Journeyman Practice Tests?


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Journeyman practice tests are most commonly found for automotive service positions, carpenters, hair stylists, electricians and machinists. Plumbers, welders and rig technicians may also be able to take journeymen tests. Candidates for journeyman tests typically must work a certain amount of hours before being allowed to take the test.

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What Trades Offer Journeyman Practice Tests?
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A journeyman is a person who has completed a certain amount of hours as an apprentice and is now capable of working independently. The level beyond journeyman is that of master. The main difference between these two levels is business knowledge. Journeymen are usually hired privately on a contract basis, while masters often run a business.

The most common path to become a journeyman is to go to a technical school, then work as a helper or an apprentice before taking a licensing exam. Some people become journeymen based on experience alone without going to school. Some areas around North America do not have licensing procedures, so journeyman is just a title that a person receives after working for a predetermined amount of time.

The term “journeyman” comes from the French word “journeé,” which means “day.” This refers to the worker’s right to charge fees for a day’s work. Originally, journeymen were employed by master craftsmen, but journeymen no longer require such supervision in most fields.

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