What Trade Schools Offer Upholstery Training Courses?

Some trade and technical schools that offer upholstery training courses include Guilford Technical Community College, San Diego Community College and Capital Area Technical College, notes Learn.org. Options can include single training courses or a series of classes leading to a degree or diploma. Students should check with individual schools to confirm which courses are available.

Upholstery courses at Guilford Technical Community College are part of its Division of Industrial, Construction and Engineering Technologies. They are offered for training but not as part of a degree or certificate program. Topics include fitting cushions, padding and automatic cutting.

The upholstery courses offers by San Diego Community College do not lead to a degree but can be used as training for a job. Classes are offered through the school's continuing education program. Options include Basic Upholstery Skills, Automotive Upholstery and Household Upholstery. Both Basic Upholstery Skills and Household Upholstery consist of 250 hours over a 10-week period, while Automotive Upholstery consists of 350 hours during a 14-week period as of 2015, notes SDCE.edu.

Capital Area Technical College offers a diploma program in upholstery. Courses can include topics such as webbing, padding, auto headliners and sewing materials. Students have the opportunity to take more advanced courses in areas such as vehicle upholstery, furniture making and shop management.