What Are Some Topics Taught in Second Grade?

What Are Some Topics Taught in Second Grade?

The second grade curriculum includes social studies topics such as community and culture, maps and people in history. Telling time, measuring lengths and solving story problems are three of the math topics covered. Some of the science topics are plants, animals, Earth and space. Health and safety is another topic of study.

Students learn the location of their communities in the city, country and world and may use maps to do so. They compare their communities with other communities and cultures. They learn about the values, beliefs, arts and celebrations that are part of different cultures. Historical figures include inventors and important people in local history and in American history.

Students learn to use both digital and analog clocks to tell time. They practice writing the time using "a.m." and "p.m." They measure lengths in both inches and centimeters. Story problems involve basic addition and subtraction, and may also be used for calculating the time.

Plant studies cover local plants, the parts of plants, growth, pollination and how the environment affects plants. Second-grade lessons cover types of animals and the geographical regions and habitats where they live. Earth studies may include the history of the planet, types of rocks and soil, and the different physical states of water. Students also learn about the solar system, galaxies and the universe.

Health and safety studies topics range from hygiene, nutrition and common illnesses to what to do in different types of emergency situations, such as fires, tornadoes and earthquakes. Staying safe when crossing the street and when talking with strangers are also part of this subject. Bullying and conflict resolution fit here as well.