What Are Topics for a Student Presentation?


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Ideas of topics that can be used for a student presentation include alternative fuel options, evolution of humans, black hole facts, global warming and its effects, side effects of smoking and unknown inventors. The chosen topic can be expanded on and complemented by other similar ideas.

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It is not uncommon for both high school and college students to be asked to do student presentations. These presentations are often able to cover a wide range of subjects, and the students are encouraged to pick topics that mean something to them. The students should gather information on the topics, put the information into logical order, write the presentation and give the presentation in front of their peers and teachers.

Students are expected to educate themselves on the topic and have a complete understanding of the topics that they choose. They should be prepared to answer questions that the other students have about the topic. Students who choose topics should be sure that their presentation is entertaining and that it can keep the attention of their peers throughout, even if the topic is not intended to be entertaining.

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