What Topics Should Fourth Graders Cover in Science?


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The topics covered in fourth grade science are typically divided into the study of physical science, Earth science and life science, or biology. Physical science deals with forces found in nature while Earth science deals with the study of the Earth and life science deals with the study of life.

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What Topics Should Fourth Graders Cover in Science?
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Some topics discussed in fourth grade physical science include how to build a compass and why it works, what an electromagnet is and how it works, and how heat is created using electrical energy. Some terms discussed in physical science include words such as "volt" and "watt." Some topics discussed in Earth science include the three ways rocks are created, what materials make up different types of rocks and the differences between igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock. Another aspect of Earth science is the study of how wind, ice and other factors change the Earth's surface over time.

The study of life science or biology in fourth grade includes how microorganisms are beneficial, why some plants survive because of animals and what factors determine whether a plant lives or dies. Another topic covered in life science is the differences between herbivores and carnivores. This study includes discussion about what substances provide fuel for most living organisms.

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