What Are Some Topics That Should Be Covered in a Back-to-School Letter?

What Are Some Topics That Should Be Covered in a Back-to-School Letter?

Back-to-school letters typically give parents information about their child's teacher, including how to contact the teacher, a short teacher biography and the teacher's expectations for the year. These letters also let parents know what supplies are needed for the classroom.

Parents need to know a teacher's email address, school phone numbers, hours of availability and the teacher's website, if applicable. These let parents keep better track of how their student is doing and what grades she is getting and help the parents ask the teacher any pertinent questions.

Many parents like to know about their child's teacher. A short biography covers the teacher's interests, family life information, what he teaches and educational background. Teachers also share how long they have been teaching at a given school.

A back-to-school letter ialso ncludes the expectations for the classroom. The teacher discusses his rules, the supply list, how discipline works, any rewards systems and classroom procedures. Other areas typically discussed include homework and late work policies, a sample of the subject matter to be taught and any opportunities for extra credit.

Most back-to-school letters have an area where parents and students must sign to show the teacher that this information has been read.