What Topics Should You Cover When Teaching Kids About Personal Hygiene?


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Some topics to cover when teaching kids about personal hygiene include washing hands, paying attention to oral health, and bathing regularly. Some other important topics to discuss include changing and washing clothing, and washing and brushing hair regularly.

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Good hand-washing habits are one of the most important things to teach kids for their overall health, since many diseases can be spread via hand contact. Show them how to wash properly, using running water and plenty of soap. Experts recommend that children be taught proper flossing and brushing techniques, and that parents supervise their children's oral health routine until around 12 years of age. Bad habits in early childhood can lead to tooth decay and periodontal problems later on.

Kids should also be taught that regular bathing is important in order to look, feel and smell fresh. Proper bathing can also prevent certain skin issues. Teach kids to pay special attention to making sure areas such as armpits and genitals are thoroughly cleaned. Clothes can harbor dirt, sweat and bacteria. Teach kids to always wear clean clothes, especially undergarments. Show kids how to brush their hair, and encourage them to do it regularly. Brushing helps to rid the scalp of dead skin cells and helps to distribute natural oils through the hair.

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