What Are Some Topics for a Persuasive Essay for Kids?


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School-aged kids and teens can write about a number of topics for a persuasive essay, such as family, society, religion and education, to name a few. Within these topics are a number of specific issues to argue, such as whether prayer should be allowed in schools, kids should wear uniforms, or students should learn life skills in the classroom.

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Persuasive essays give kids a chance to use critical thinking skills and form opinions about things happening around them. Specific issues related to family include whether same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt children or if teens should have curfews.

Debates surrounding society may address whether people should be allowed to smoke in public parks or whether recycling should be mandatory. Kids may discuss the importance of prayer in schools or if children should be allowed to practice their own religion, particularly if it differs from that of their parents.

Regarding education, kids may choose to debate whether it's important to learn budgeting, job interview skills and other life skills in schools, or if schools should be responsible for teaching sex education. Kids should be encouraged to think of issues that are important to them when writing a persuasive essay. Also, pre-teen children's interests likely differ considerably from teen interests and perspectives.

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