What Are Some of the Topics Offered by OptionMONSTER Education?

What Are Some of the Topics Offered by OptionMONSTER Education?

Topics covered by optionMONSTER include: basic investing strategies, Greek accounting methods, long calls and covered calls, short puts and protective puts, calendar and vertical spreading, pricing options, straddles and strangles, volatility and more. OptionMONSTER offers free courses online, webinars, and training sessions for investors of all levels, from beginners to advanced, notes optionMONSTER.

To get started, optionMONSTER has courses titled Options 101 and Options Basics. Options 101 gives an overview of basic investing strategies, techniques and methods. It also introduces Greek philosophies and touches on volatility. Options Basics introduces basic investing concepts, such as when to buy and sell stocks.

OptionMONSTER explores topics in-depth with Long Calls and Covered Calls. Long calls introduces the concept of buying calls using a long and leveraged approach. Covered calls is a more advanced and conservative stock trading technique. However, this method is favored as a starting route by many stock traders, notes optionMONSTER.

The tutorial called Protective Puts covers insurance for stocks. Several put options exist to help investors protect stocks. These puts are essentially insurance, and protect valuable assets regardless of portfolio size. The tutorial titled "Short Puts" explores buying options for investors. This technique is popular among retail traders, and is a relatively safe buying option.

In addition to these topics, optionMONSTER's tutorials include more advanced sections such as Butterflies and Condors and Straddles and Strangles, which tells investors how to profit in virtually all situations.