What Topics Might You Study in Movie History Classes?

What Topics Might You Study in Movie History Classes?

Students might study the forms and styles of films from various eras in movie history classes. They might also study topics related to sound, editing and photography.

Courses on independent cinema and film activism in Asia explore financing options for independent films. They also go over the role of cinema activism in redefining the public in Asia. Students learn how national and transnational forces shape the experiences of filmmakers as activists. They also learn to use proper terminology to describe the diversity of art in Asia.

Students who take a course on travel and gender in cinema learn the role of cinema in structuring the global discourses of gender and travel. They analyze international cinema from the 20th and 21st centuries. Students also explore a variety of visual modes of representation, including paintings and music videos in relation to films.

Students who take a course on the history of recorded music learn the importance of music to cinema, television and radio. Those who take courses on history of animated film study the history of the origin and development of animated films.

Students who take international film history classes study the development of cinema as an industry and as a technology. They also learn the origins of cinema and its major movements.

Courses on the history of cinema-television comedy examine the development of comedy in film and television. They provide a theoretical analysis of the phenomena of laughter and humor.