What Are Some Topics for Journal Writing in Classrooms?


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Some topics for journal writing in the classroom include “What if there were no TV?” and “How do you feel on the first day of school?” Journal writing prompts can center on various types of questions, allowing children to consider themselves and the world around them.

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“What if…” questions allow students to consider hypothetical situations, stimulating imagination and leading children to reflect on the world as they know it. These questions can range from the personal, such as how children would deal with a bully bothering them, to more general, such as considering the ramifications of a world without television.

“How” questions often allow students to reflect on more personal matters, and many center on answering the question of how students feel about something. These prompts can range from how students feel when they do something wrong to how they feel on different holidays throughout the year. ”How” prompts can also allow students to explain things, such as how to play their favorite games or how their families celebrate different events.

“Why” prompts allow children to think about different aspects of the world and why they exist in certain ways. Some potential prompts might include why it is important to be honest, why some people take advantage of others and why it is important or unimportant to save money.

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