What Are Some Topics Included in the Fourth Grade Science Curriculum?


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Topics included in a fourth-grade science curriculum cover an overview of the Earth, life and physical sciences, which can include ecosystems, electricity, solar system, the structure of living organisms, sound, light and weather. Fourth-grade students begin to conduct hands-on experiments and go on field trips as part of their science curriculum, states Great Schools.

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The physical science section of a fourth-grade curriculum covers the basic properties of magnetism, light and static electricity. Students learn about electrical circuits and the differences between objects that are insulators and those that are conductors of electricity.

In the life science section of a fourth-grade curriculum, students begin to learn how to use the characteristics of plants and animals to classify them into different categories. For example, they learn that animals with backbones are classified as vertebrates. Other fourth-grade life science topics are the life cycle of plants and animals and how living things adapt to different environments.

A fourth-grade Earth science curriculum includes facts about the solar system. Students learn the names and characteristics of the planets and their relative position to the sun. Another topic in the earth science section is the weather. Students learn about the characteristics and classification of different clouds. They may also learn about basic weather patterns.

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