What Topics Are Included in the Common Core Math Standards for 5th Grade?

What Topics Are Included in the Common Core Math Standards for 5th Grade?

Topics included in the Common Core math standards for fifth grade are fractions, numbers in base 10, algebraic thinking, graphing on a coordinate plane, converting measurement units and classifying two-dimensional figures, states the official Common Core standards website. Students are taught how to understand concepts of volume in geometry, how to multiply and divide fractions and how to perform operations with multi-digit whole numbers.

As of 2015, the Common Core standards for fifth grade is divided into three main areas of focus: fractions, division and fluency of computations with whole numbers and decimals and understanding volume. Subtopics generally fall into one of these three categories.

The topic of fractions in fifth grade primarily covers the understanding of how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. Students learn the relationship between multiplication and division with respect to fractions.

Division is explored further in the fifth grade and students work to improve their knowledge of the four main operations. Decimals to the hundredths are introduced and students develop their understanding of how decimals related to fractions.

In geometry, fifth grade students focus on volume and how it relates to three-dimensional space. The learn how to solve problems that involve measurements of volume, especially with prisms and cubes.