Which Topics Are the Most Fun for 5th Grade Science Projects?


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Some of the most fun topics for 5th grade science projects involve foods, drinks and snacks. Children love to explore the how and why of things they use in everyday life, according to MPM School Supplies.

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MPM share several science project ideas on their website mpmschoolsupplies.com. One project kids really enjoy is shaking up a can of soda and measuring how far it sprays. They can come up with their own system to determine which of the brands shoots the farthest. Another popular project that strengthens their creative skills involves getting multiple flavors of chewing gum and devising creative ways to calculate which flavor lasts the longest before it loses its taste.

Another fun topic for 5th graders is to study the relationship between what people see and how it affects what they taste. This project teaches them the importance of perception. It's very simple to set up and record the results. Fill three glasses with apple juice. Leave one glass in its original state, put green food coloring in the second one and red coloring in the third one. Ask a few volunteers to drink from all three cups and select which one is the apple juice. After recording the results, the students will learn that many people pick the red liquid simply because they associate red with apples, when in reality all three cups contain apple juice.

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