What Are Some Topics for Engineering Projects?

What Are Some Topics for Engineering Projects?

Some topics for engineering science projects are smart vehicles, solid state lighting, error correction codes for wireless communication systems, renewable energy, embedding data in images, how to make gears, buoyant force of water and windmill models. These projects are suitable for classroom work and for projects needed for a science fair.

Students can use the topic of smart vehicles to learn how the automation of cars can make them safer for passengers. Examples of features include lane departure warnings and anti-lock braking. Students work with small motorized cars and program them to spin, stop at a specific line or follow a particular path.

Using the topic of solid state lighting, students examine how this technology can improve the lives of a population, especially those in the developing world. For example, students can design a solar-charged LED lamp that is portable and provides several hours of light.

In a project on renewable energy, students can design a system that stores energy from a renewable source of their choice. Examples of renewable sources include a fan, flowing water or a light bulb. They then transport this energy to another location, such as a light bulb.

Other engineering project topics for students include tensile strength, movable pulleys, bridges, periscopes, measuring heart rate, water desalination, software engineering and remote surgical robotics.