What Topics Are Covered on US History Regents Review Sheets?


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Some of the topics covered on United States History Regents examinations and review materials include foreign policy, government, immigration and migration, according to the Oswego City School District. The test also covers economic systems, the environment, geography, and reform movements amongst other things.

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Regents examinations are a series of standardized tests administered within New York State schools. They evaluate the proficiency of high school students in core subject areas. The Regents diploma is optional and usually offered to students who intend to go to college.

The test results that students receive on their Regents examinations help to determine whether students graduating from high school receive a Regents diploma, an advanced Regents diploma or a local diploma. The United States History and Government Regents Exam is considered a social studies exam along with the Global History and Government exam. In order to receive any Regents diploma students must receive a score of at least 65 on five or more core subject area tests that include an English language arts exam, a mathematics exam, a social studies exam, a science exam and one additional examination that has been approved by the State of New York, according to the New York City Department of Education.

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