What Topics Are Covered on a Hazardous Materials Practice Test?


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The topics covered on a hazardous materials practice test for truck drivers who want to add an endorsement to their commercial driver's license (CDL) will depend on the requirements for their state. Drivers should review the section on hazardous materials in their CDL manual to determine what information is required. Some hazardous materials practice tests, such as those offered by TruckerCountry.com, are designed to cover common topics found on most state tests.

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All drivers who plan to transport materials that require a hazardous material placard or are considered a select agent or toxin must pass the hazardous materials test. General topics covered on the test and practice test can include hazardous material classification, type of placards needed and the special rules drivers must follow when driving with hazardous materials in their vehicles.

Each state has its own rules regarding hazardous materials and placards. For example, California uses two tables for placarding. Materials in table one, such as explosives, mass fire hazards and toxic gases, must have a placard whenever they are transported. Materials in table two, such as flammable solids, very insensitive explosives or combustible liquids, require a placard only if the amount in the vehicle is more than 1,000 pounds. Questions regarding specifics of the placard system may be found on the practice tests, such as those offered by TruckerCountry.com.

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