What Topics Are Covered in the Global Regent Review?


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Some of the topics covered in the Global History and Geography Regents exam are Imperialism, Belief Systems, Justice and Law, The Golden Ages and Diversity, according to the Oswego City School District. Some other topics covered include Economic Systems, Human and Physical Geography, Science and Technology, Nationalism and Conflict.

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The Global History and Geography exam is one of two social studies exams in the Regents examination series. The social studies Regents exams are one of the five core examination areas in which New York State high school students must receive a grade of 65 or higher to receive a Regents diploma, states the New York City Department of Education. The other core examination areas are English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and one additional topic approved by the State of New York.

To receive a regular or an advanced Regents degree, students need only complete one of the two social studies exams, while for other core areas it is necessary to achieve a 65 or higher on multiple examinations within a core subject to obtain the advanced diploma. There is a third type of diploma known as a local diploma that allows students to graduate with scores lower than 65, but it is only available to students with Individualized Education Programs.

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