What Topics Are Covered in a Glencoe Health Textbook?

What Topics Are Covered in a Glencoe Health Textbook?

As of 2015, Glencoe Health textbooks cover topics such as stress management, emotional health and skills for healthy relationships. These books also discusses nutrition, exercise, anatomy and physiology.

The Glencoe Health program focuses not only on aspects of physical health, such as nutrition and disease, but also on mental health. It offers explanations of how the nervous and muscular systems function, while giving students tools to create a comprehensive and healthy lifestyle.

The topics covered in previous Glencoe Health editions are similar to the most recent 2011 edition, using the same chapter names and basic outline. However, there are some differences in the online content offered. The 2007 and 2009 Glencoe Health editions offer similar online supplements as the 2011 edition, but previous editions, such as Glencoe Health 2005, do not offer the same type of online content.

The types of online tools available in the Glencoe Health program include interactive study guides, health inventories, quizzes and flashcards. There are teacher resources available as well, including a video series, lesson plans and podcasts.

Glencoe offers other high school health textbooks, such as "Health & Wellness" and "Making Life Choices." It also offers a middle school series of textbooks entitled "Teen Health."