What Topics Are Covered in ESL Quizzes?


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Standard English as a Second Language (ESL), quizzes covers basic grammar, pronunciation, spelling andvocabulary.In addition to the basics, some quizzes cover questions ranging from geography, music, science and sports.

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What Topics Are Covered in ESL Quizzes?
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ESL classes are designed to teach non-English speakers English as a foreign language (EFL). Different ESL classes teach the language skills in different formats. Each class may have different needs and the individual students' abilities will vary.

Topics covered in ESL quizzes will depend on the individual language program. Most quizzes will cover the basics of the English language school curriculum as well as branch out into the everyday vocabulary, such as music, sports, science and geography.

A science question may ask about the nearest star or what is H20? A geography question may ask which is bigger, a lake or an ocean? A quiz question on sports may ask which sport is played at Wimbledon? For music, a question may ask which instrument is often used in jazz music, a saxophone or a tuba?

ESL quizzes are often given based on the level of the class such as beginner, intermediate or advanced. Advanced questions get more complex at each subject level. Each subject level will be the same but the questions will test a broader range of knowledge.

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