What Are Some Topics Covered in Eighth Grade Science Courses?


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Eight grade science typically deals with topics involving earth and space science, life science, and physical science. The teaching of these subjects may vary from school to school depending on the state and school district.

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Earth and space sciences taught in eight grade usually involve human interaction with the environment, the earth's structure and history, basic geology, energy and the basic elements, and earth's atmosphere and climate. Beginner astronomy and a more in-depth look at the solar system may also be included in the curriculum. Life science topics can include cells, unicellular and multicellural organisms, ecology, the human body, and ecology. Genetics and other controversial topics such as evolution vs creationism may also be touched upon.

Physical science involves introducing children and teens to the beginning concepts necessary for understanding chemistry and physics. These subjects can include discussing physical and chemical changes, atoms and compounds, mixtures and solutions, elemental identification and the periodic table, as well as more complex subjects such as formulas, matter states and forms of energy. Other topics discussed can include energy, rates of change, advanced weight and mass rules, and light spectrums. A curriculum should conform and be tailored to local school district and/or homeschooling laws.

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