What Are Some Topic Ideas for an Argumentative Essay?


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Any topic that has two sides to it and is able to be researched is an acceptable topic for an argumentative essay. Some strong examples of good argumentative essay topics are whether technology in schools is positive or negative, whether cigarette smoking should be legal or not, whether English should be the official language of the United States or not, whether video games negatively or positively affect children, and whether the alcohol drinking age should be increased or decreased.

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The best argumentative essay topics are topics that the author is both passionate about and committed to thoroughly planning and researching. Passionate support and ample planning of the topic of choice help form a focused, cohesive argument, and research helps support this argument with solid evidence and facts. Research and facts may not only be used to support the author's view, but they may also debunk the opposing view. Argumentative essays often attack or disprove the opposing view to further show how the author's view is better.

Many possible argumentative essay topics are controversial in nature, so authors must be aware of this and use tact when discussing the topic. This is especially important for K-12 students writing argumentative essays for school, as there may be some restrictions on the level of controversy allowed in the classroom.

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