What Are the Top University Programs for Students Seeking Doctoral Degrees Specializing in Pain Management?

As of 2015, Tufts University was the only university offering a full graduate program that focuses on pain management. A certificate or diploma in pain management may be obtained from other universities.

The Tufts University pain research, education and policy program is multidisciplinary. It focuses on the physiology of pain as well as the psychological aspects of it. The program also delves into the legislation and advocacy for pain management. The program does not offer a full doctoral degree in pain management, however. The highest graduate level degree that may be received through the program is a Master of Science. Tufts University was tied in the 49th spot of best medical schools for research, as ranked by U.S. News and World Report.

U.S. News and World Report publishes an annual list of top universities in their field. The top three medical schools for research are Harvard University, Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University and University of California at San Francisco (tied with John Hopkins). Since doctoral programs are primarily research degrees, it may be possible to make pain management the focus of doctoral research at one of these hospitals. American Academy of Pain Management also offers outlets for those who practice medicine to obtain additional credentials in pain management.