What Are Some Top-Rated High School Year Book Companies?


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Top-rated yearbook companies include the traditional publishers of Walsworth, Lifetouch and Memory Book, but also now the modern yearbook company TreeRing. Walsworth, Lifetouch and Memory Book provide excellent quality that schools have trusted for years. However, they lack the personalization and flexibility that TreeRing offers.

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According to Slate magazine, modern yearbook companies such as TreeRing are rising above their traditional competitors. TreeRing allows schools to create their yearbooks online, for free and from practically anywhere. Plus, each student can go online and add personal pages to his specific yearbook; thus eliminating the disappointment of only being in the yearbook once or twice. Parents and students order yearbooks online and they are printed on-demand by TreeRing's digital printing technology. Schools no longer have to estimate how many yearbooks they will need, or pay for extra yearbooks and missed-deadline fees.

While Walsworth, Lifetouch and Memory Book offer quality products, they often leave schools with a huge bill due to printing, marketing and shipping. Estimating how many yearbooks they will need is a gamble for schools. This means that schools may end up lacking enough books for interested students or with a huge bill because they vastly over-ordered. Traditional companies also pack in hidden fees and other costs that are now sending schools to modern companies such as TreeRing.

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